Leadership Series | Your Natural Leadership Talent

Sitting poolside with a former CFO, of course we’re lounging around and chit chatting about…leadership! After his decades of experience, he truly believed that there were those who are natural born leaders, and that for those who aren’t it is nearly impossible to actually train them on how to become a great leader.

Whether or not you believe in that theory, research has proven that there are certain tendencies that make for a great leader.

One of those that tends to rise to the top are those with high emotional intelligence, or EQ. Now if you’ve been following me along on these series of videos, you know I recently read a Forbes article where their counsel was sharing their top tips for women in leadership. Each video I’m going to share one of those, along with my personal experiences and take, with the hopes of helping you shorten your leadership learning curve.

Today’s tip is to use your natural leadership talent. On average, women tend to have a higher level of emotional intelligence. Yet there are so many female leaders out there that are trying to suppress actually being a woman, when in fact they should be capitalizing on the strength that they tend to have a higher emotional intelligence. Instead, these female leaders are trying to make themselves appear more masculine, whether that’s through a hairstyle or lack of makeup or how they’re dressing.

Women need to use our strengths; we have a natural leadership talent that needs to be showcased at the forefront.

It’s not to say that there isn’t any room for learning or improvement, but as a female leader this is one of the ways that you can differentiate yourself and really stand out as a strong leader within your organization. Stay tuned with me on the videos to come, and if you have a tip please add it in the comments below to help somebody else shorten their learning curve as well!

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