Leadership Series | Stop Looking for Affirmation

Since I was 18 years old, I have been formally employed by at least 10 different companies. Over the course of that time I’ve had several different positions, so you could say I’ve had just a little bit of experience of being the new kid. And I realized that most of the feedback I’ve received was when I was the new kid – whether that was opportunities to do a better job, or positive affirmations on a job well done.

As I continued to get promoted and advance in leadership I received fewer and fewer pieces of feedback, especially when it came to positive affirmations.

Now if you’ve been with me, you know that I read a Forbes article where their counsel is sharing their top tips for women in leadership. And on each video I’m going to give you one of those, along with my personal experience and my take, with the hopes of helping you shorten your leadership learning curve. Today’s tip: stop looking for affirmations.

As you continue to get promoted and become a greater leader in your organization, you are not going to be receiving those positive affirmations; stop looking for them. In fact, the feedback in general you’ll receive is going to be very surface level, if not completely superficial. You instead have to start generating your own positive affirmations. Look, I’m not telling just anybody to do this – I am speaking to you specifically.

As you are a female leader and you continue to advance, you have to stop looking for those affirmations and instead have them available for you.

Whether it’s going back to past positive things that have been said to you, mantras that you have written for yourself, whether you start your day with those or you have them easily accessible for those days that have gone sideways – you have got to have your own positive affirmations. Stay tuned for the next in this series of videos, I’ll have more tips for you. And if you have a tip to help shorten someone else’s learning curve, post it in the comments below!

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