I’m So Overwhelmed! How Can I Get To The Next Level?

I’m on a call with one of my private coaching clients, and she has a seriously huge personal goal – completely outside of her work and taking care of herself and her family. Along with all of the other regular responsibilities she has, she’s added this monstrous, awesome, personal goal. And in the middle of our call, she confesses that she feels completely overwhelmed.

She’s thinking about this big goal and she’s wondering, “How do I even have time to get there? How do I have any of the other resources? Am I just crazy? I feel so overwhelmed, I just want to drop it. I just want to quit and give up. It feels impossible.”

I told her to pause, take a deep breath, and I simply said, “Just commit to the next step.”

Isn’t it funny when we think about these really big goals, we think of a hundred million things that it’s going to require for us to get there? You may have a personal goal or professional goal that when you think about it way far out in the future, it feels like you have to do so much to get there. And when you think about it in that capacity, of course it feels overwhelming!

It feels nearly impossible, if not totally impossible. But when all you have to do is think about the next step, isn’t that so much simpler? Couldn’t you commit to the next step?

Today when you’re thinking about that big thing that you want in life, what that next big achievement, goal, accomplishment, whatever it is – instead of thinking about all the things that it takes to get all the way to the end, just think about that one simple next step, and commit to it today.

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