Is Everything in Life Really That Fun?

I talk about the “F” word a lot! Because for over a year, I wasn’t having any of the “F” word in my life. Oh let me just clarify…the “F” word I’m talking about, is fun.

In 2013 I coined “fun” the working mom’s F-word.

So today in my talks and my trainings, I am sharing with my audiences that they got to have the “F” word in their life. And I had an attendee share with me that she takes it a step further – that she believes she needs to have the “F” word in every single aspect of her life. That she should be having fun at work, fun in her relationships, fun in her health, and so on.  

I disagree. You see, when I was between the ages of 21 to about 28 years old, I was an elementary school teacher.

On the first day of school I would tell my students, “School is not fun.”

I mean, seriously! Outside of preschool, sitting in the classroom really isn’t all about fun. Instead, what I would share with my students is that school should be exciting.  

You see, fun to me is passive. It’s more about rest, relaxation, rejuvenation; I’m laying back, I’m laughing, I’m not necessarily exerting a ton of energy, whether that’s intellectually or physically. It’s a little bit more coming at me, I’m receiving it.

But excitement, challenge within my job or within my exercise or within relationships – there’s an element of excitement there because you’re learning, you’re facing challenges and you’re overcoming those obstacles.  

So, is it really fun? Is work really fun? Is being in relationships always fun? Does it mean you should ditch those things, because you aren’t feeling fun all the time? Absolutely not!

Find things within the areas of your life that are going to excite you, and that means there’s going to be challenges. But then separately, make sure that you’ve got that “F” word in your life.

What is it that just brings you pure, elated joy? Build that in. How do you like to get the “F” word into your life? I want to hear from you, comment below. 

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