Which is Better, Talent or Effort?

My daughter, Reese, and I love to watch this one reality show. It’s a dance competition and there’s a panel of four judges where each judge gives their feedback at the end of the number.

Reese knows that I am absolutely cringing when this one judge over and over again says, “Oh, you’ve got such natural talent!”

I know we are each born with some natural talent, some natural skills. But when that judge, or anyone else, only focuses on the natural talent, they are completely discrediting all of the effort; the training that is behind what got that person to that stage. The hours upon days, weeks, months, the years of training, of rehearsing, of sweat and tears, and only attributes their success to natural talent?  

I share with Reese as she’s continuing to move in her acting and musical theater dreams, that as she’s preparing for an audition she may be up against someone else who maybe has a bit more natural talent when it comes to singing. If this other gal continues to do only do some rehearsal, a little bit of training, they’ll continue to rise to a certain degree.

But if Reese doubles or triples her rehearsal, her coaching, her training, that eventually she should surpass that person who is primarily relying on their natural talent. At least increase the odds that she would land that role versus somebody else.

You can’t rely on natural talent alone. You must put forth the effort.  

If there is something that you want to achieve but you’re thinking, “Oh, I just don’t have that gift,” I’m here to tell you that yes you can!

Now look, if you’re 6’5″ and you want to be a horse jockey, that’s probably not very likely. But I’m talking about most things that you as the everyday professional want to achieve. Do not believe that it only relies on your natural talent. You can learn, train, rehearse, get those skills to accomplish what you want.

If on the flip side you’re sitting around thinking, “I got this, I’m a natural,” I’m going to challenge you to start putting in some of that effort, because other people will surpass you. We’ve all got to put in that effort, that training.

What is it that you believe about natural talent versus effort, where are you applying this in your life? Comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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