What Do I Do If My Co-Worker Bugs Me?

Do you have that co-worker that you’re constantly saying, “They bug me.” And I’m not talking about somebody who’s hyper negative or ultra-toxic to the environment; I’m talking about that person that just kind of gets under your skin and drives you a little bit crazy. We have all experienced that person. You may not have complete control over who your co-workers are. But we have to figure out, how do we work with one another?  

When I was an elementary school teacher I would tell the students at the beginning of the year…

“We’ve got to spend the next nine months together. And you don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you do have to respect each other.”

And the same holds true in the professional environment! So how do you get along with somebody who just kind of drives you a little bonkers?

First, think about what the positive attributes are. It’s so easy to focus on those little nuances, those little things about their personality that drive you crazy. But there’s got to be at least one thing that they do that is positive; something you could learn from, some value they’re bringing to the table, a unique perspective. Focus more of your energy on that, and try to dismiss the little habits that drive you crazy.  

And then, think about the end goal. Why are you working together? What is the project, the task, the result that you’re supposed to achieve? And regardless of the little things that drive you crazy, stay focused on that end result. And know that you’ll figure out how to work together, as long as you keep that open communication and focus on the end result.

What is your tip for working with somebody that says, they bug me? I want to hear from you, comment below. 

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