The 100th!

Today is cause for major celebration! This is the 100th video since I completely transitioned to my business full-time, and I don’t believe that it’s coincidence that today is Thanksgiving. So first of all, thank you!

Thank you for listening and watching and supporting not just my business, but for commenting, for sharing your own story, or passing along the message to somebody else you know needs to hear it. Thank you for doing that.

Today, I thought I would share just a couple of things that I learned in doing something 100 times. And believe me, that means I’ve had thousands, I mean we are talking THOUSANDS of takes to get to these 100 videos.  

Well when I first transitioned to this full-time, I made a commitment that I would deliver a video every single week. And you didn’t know I made that commitment, I made it to myself. And to know that I have hit 100, I’m really proud of that. And trust me, there have been many days over the past 100 weeks where I did not want to shoot those videos, where I woke up tired and thought, “Well maybe they just won’t notice if I don’t send one this week,” or in the middle of shooting I’m feeling just awful. It wasn’t about whether you would know.

It was about the commitment I made to myself.

And so today, I have this internal pride that I stuck to something that I said I would do.

The second thing I’ve been able to do is track my progress. Oh, my goodness! If I go back and watch those first few videos, they suck!!! It is awful!! It’s embarrassing!!  

But I had to start somewhere.

It’s almost like this has been rehearsal all the way up. And I’m still technically probably in rehearsal. But to see the progress that I’ve made, to know that that was the starting point, this is where I’m at today, which is so much better. But then, where could I be if I do another 100 videos? Being able to track that progress and see the growth has been so cool, by doing something consistently over a long period of time.

So for you, what might you commit to? What is something that you’ve been wanting to do that you could make a commitment to yourself and then track your progress?

You may not know what the outcome is going to be. I mean look, when I set forth to create these videos every week, I had no idea what the outcome might be. It was just something I said I’m going to do, and we’ll see where it leads. And it has led to so many different things that I did not expect.  

So what is that thing that you can do today? Make a commitment, start tracking your progress, do it consistently, no matter what the outcome may be. And again, I want to thank you!

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