You’ve Got to Clear It Now!

I am unbelievably thrilled because I get to have on the first video of the new year, of the new decade, my daughter Reese. So excited to have her! I think it’s been over a year since she joined me, so. Something about them getting older that they don’t want to be on video as often.

Well anyhow, I thought Reese would be perfect for this first video to kick off this new year, new decade, because I want to help you get over that holiday madness. Everything that you just went through, and how do you start off this new year in a fresh way? And so over the course of the month of January, I’m going to be sharing with you tips on how to recover from the holidays and really kick off the new year, new decade in a strong way.

And so Reese was perfect because of something that we just went through that she took a lot of ownership of. And it’s all about de-cluttering, clearing things out, getting organized. Because Reese asked to redo the majority of her bedroom as her Christmas gift this year.

Colleen: What was the first thing that you needed to do before we could put in your new bed and kind of re-shift everything that you wanted? What did you have to do first?  

Reese: Well, the first thing that I had to do was to clean out my closet. Which my closet had a lot of my old things in there, so it was really messy.  

Colleen: It was pretty terrifying, wasn’t it? I think your closet accumulated quite a few bags of things that we’re donating, right?

Reese: Absolutely.

Colleen: You worked on cleaning out your closet, and then you moved to the rest of your bedroom. And some, like storage; you had some drawers and things under your bed, so clearing those things. And you were doing that over the course of a few days, but like every single day you got up and you were working on it. So why did you keep doing it? Because I kept thinking, you’re going to be exhausted. You’re going to be tired, like you’re not going to want to do this anymore. But every day for like three or four days, you did it. Why didn’t you stop? Like why did you keep going, even when you were probably so sick of cleaning it out? 

Reese: Well I don’t like it when, say you started on homework and then you waited for so long to continue doing it. I just don’t like having that feeling, that you have to finish something. So I wanted to get it all done, just continue doing the process. So, yeah.  

Colleen: Yeah. Because I mean, how would it have felt if you started cleaning out your closet, but then you had like a whole pile of a mess in the corner of your room?  

Reese: It makes me feel so annoying just having it there.  

Colleen: Right? It’s like this kind of, almost like a weight on your shoulders, like it’s there. And so, you powered through with a tiny bit of help from mom and dad, but she did nearly all of it. So now that we have thrown away a lot of trash and have several bags of things to donate and your room is completely cleared out and you did it like immediately, how are you feeling now?  

Reese: I feel relaxed, I feel better. I can do tons of things in my room since there’s a lot more space. It’s more of how I would like it. It just makes me feel a lot better.  

Colleen: A little more calm? Calm, relaxed, having some more energy, right? Versus doing it in little bits and pieces, and getting it out of the way.

So Reese is a great example for even mom, dad, and all of the rest of you as an adult to be thinking about how right away after the holiday is to start clearing things out now! As tired as we may be, get a little bit of that rest, but set that on your calendar of when you’re going to de-clutter and get organized now so that you can have that fresh start as soon as possible. 

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