Goal Setting Gets Simple

Every year I would have to prepare for my team member’s annual reviews. In addition to providing my feedback based on my observations, I really wanted to give them feedback from their external clients, internal clients, and even a handful of their peers. But in order to make sure that I got the majority of responses back, I needed to make that email super simple. So I would ask, what are the things that this team member should start, stop, and continue going into the new year? Not only did I get every response back, it was also a really simple way for me to communicate to the team member on how to think about their upcoming year.

As I was thinking about you and kicking off this new year for this new decade, and how you could very simply put together some goals and make changes in your life, this process came to mind.  I am inviting you to join me! I am going to be using this process to set myself up for success, and have an amazing year that kicks off an amazing next decade.

What do you need to start, stop, and continue?

First, write down three things that you need to start doing; the three things that will help you move closer to your goals that don’t have to be a major leap. It could be something small that you’re going to start doing every single day, something consistently over time. Because as you know, those small, consistent actions often lead to even bigger results than one giant leap. So what are three things that you need to start doing to reach your goals for 2020?

Second, what are three things that you need to stop doing? I mean look, it’s hard to add things if we don’t remove things. In fact, the more we remove, the even closer we get to those goals. So whether it’s things that you need to stop doing because you shouldn’t be spending your time there or you just don’t want to, it doesn’t align with maybe new goals that you have to set. Maybe it’s things that met your goals last year, but things have changed.  So what are the three things that you need to stop doing?

And then finally, the three things that you’re going to continue. What has been working really well for you? What has been moving you closer to, whether it’s the goals you had last year or what you’re focused on the year to come, but what are the things you need to commit to continue doing it?

I’m inviting you to join me! Sit down. Even though it may be a couple of weeks already into the new year, it’s never too late to assess the year prior and think about what changes we’re going to be making moving forward. So I invite you to join me today. 

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