It’s All About the Experience!

As I hauled away nearly the one-hundredth bag of trash or donation items from my daughter Reese’s room, I whipped around and hollered to my husband Matt, “This upcoming year is all about experiences, and no more stuff!”

Now if you joined me a couple of weeks ago with my daughter Reese, as I’m looking to help you kind of recover from the holidays and get set up for success in the New Year and the new decade, we shared with you how she did a major overhaul of her room. Completely cleaned out everything that she was no longer using. And it not only helped give energy and kind of calmness and relaxation just by clearing things away right away, three days I think in a row. But it also really opened my eyes to the fact that even though I think we don’t have a lot of stuff, we have way more than I imagined. And we don’t really need stuff. 

I’m looking at the year ahead much more about what experiences, for myself and my family and each of them individually.

What experiences, what memories, what adventures are we going to be going on and making for each of our selves?

You may already be practicing this. And if you are, awesome – you’re my role model. But instead of just thinking about having more experiences, actually book something now!

Psychologically, mentally, when you have something booked ahead, an adventure, a vacation, just some outing, some planned event, you are thinking about it. You have this positive energy as you’re looking forward to something.

It helps you continue moving in that positive growth, with that positive momentum.  

So today, book something! Find the date on the calendar, find the adventure that you want to take. And it doesn’t have to be some three-week vacation. It could be an hour adventure, just something that you’re going to look forward to.

What experiences have you done, what adventures have you taken? What’s your practice of looking forward to experiences versus buying a bunch of stuff? I’d love to hear from you, comment below.

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