You’re Just Like Netflix!

There is a legitimate reason why both Ethan and Reese, my two kids still at home, could tell you the name of every single character in both The Office and Friends. It’s because it is my background every single time that I am cooking dinner, washing dishes, or folding laundry.

I didn’t grow up with music playing in the background, I grew up with TV. And so I love to have these re-runs of my favorite shows going. But because I’m rarely sitting down focusing on it, I miss a lot of what’s happening. And every once in awhile, I’ll hear a line and I think, “Oh, I want to actually go back and watch that part!” And thank goodness for technology, because we’ve got this fun little replay button. Going back 10 seconds, 30 seconds, whatever we want to do, at the touch of a fingertip.

You have that same replay button – at the touch of a fingertip!

You may have woken up on January 1st, set your goals, maybe created a vision board. Established these new routines, de-cluttered your home, set some experience, adventure that you want to go on far in the future to keep your energy going. And then all of a sudden the end of the month comes, and you’ve totally fallen off.

This is the point where you get to hit that replay button! You don’t have to have any fancy technology other than your own biological sense. You are the one that gets to decide and say, “Hey, okay I’ve fallen off my routine. Hey, I didn’t do every single thing I said I was going to for the last few days. But it’s okay.” 

It’s okay, forgive yourself. 

Not everything is going to be perfect. There are times that you’re going to be going off course, falling off the wagon, going back into old habits. Majority of the time that’s probably going to be the case, especially when you first get started. It’s okay. Today, stop, acknowledge that you missed that. Acknowledge that you were distracted by something. Figure out what it is and just hit that reset, that replay button. Go back in time, mentally; rewind, and then move forward today. You’ve got that in you. It’s okay to restart today. 

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