Focused for Success – Step 2

Welcome to step number two of our four-step process, so that you can stay hyper-focused and achieve success. In the last video, step number one was mission – writing your mission statement. Now if you haven’t watched that video or you haven’t written your mission statement yet, press pause now. Go back, watch it or finish writing it. We can’t move on to step number two, we can’t drill down to the next phase if you haven’t done the first part. The mission statement was your why and what. Why does your team or your family or you exist? Why are you here? And then, what is it you want to bring into the world? Whether that’s to your clients, customers, or to those people you serve. The why and the what.

That takes us then to step number two, which is to set your intentions.

This is the “how” – it’s taking that mission statement and understanding how are we going to get there? Now, a lot of people use the word goals. That’s fine, it just feels a little too generic for me. I like the word intentions. It shows purpose, that I am living life with intent. It’s not haphazard of how I’m getting there; I have very specific intentions of my how. I know why and what, and now I’m purposeful in my how. I have intentions set. So this is going to be your step number two.  

Take a look at that overarching mission, which tends to be, again, big picture and maybe farther out in time; it’s like over the course of a lifetime of a family, or of the course of a lifetime of a team or a company. Intentions are going to be drilled more narrow in, more close in, near in, in terms of time and energy that would go toward it. Again, it’s your how you’re going to get to the mission. So start writing out your intentions. What are the how’s of you getting there? And again, if you prefer the word goals, go for it, but I like the word intentions.

Stay tuned, next video we’ll walk through step number three, but you’ve got to have those intentions first. 

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