Focused for Success – Step 3

Welcome to step three of our four-step process, keeping you focused so you can achieve success. Now, I’m going to call you out for a moment. Have you watched the first two videos? Have you written your mission? Have you set your intentions? If not, stop this video because you are not ready. Go back and do those two. If you’re still here, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt – I know that you’ve done the first two steps, and you’re ready for the next step.

Step number three is to determine your priorities.  

Let me illustrate with my own business so you can see this laid out. So my mission is to help elite performers excel in their careers, lead with impact, and live extraordinary personal lives. One of my intentions is to train elite performers how they can stop sabotaging their own growth. So the “how” is through training on stop sabotaging growth. Now there’s a lot of different ways that I could do that, but my three priorities are to speak at conferences, train at organizations, and build a private co-mentoring community. Very crystal clear, and notice I have three; that’s going to be your magic number.  

What are your three priorities in order to fulfill on your intentions? And those priorities help you stay focused. For example, one of my passions is training through group exercise. I’ve been a group exercise instructor for over a decade, and I love it. So when a member came to me and said, “Colleen, when are you going to start teaching and get certified in this other format?” I thanked her for acknowledging me and wanting me to expand – but it’s not a priority of mine. It’s not going to get me to the intentions; I can’t reach my intentions through that particular priority. It could be one in the future, but it’s not now.

By knowing my three priorities, it allows me to stay focused, it allows me to avoid the shiny, bright opportunities that exist. Because while I love teaching group exercise, and I love this particular format that she was encouraging me to get certified in, and I know I would really enjoy teaching that, it’s not aligned to get me to where I need to go today. So by being crystal clear on my top three priorities, it makes it so much simpler to be able to say no, that doesn’t align for me. It allows me to stay focused.  

So that is your homework assignment, is to look at your intentions and now determine your three priorities. If you have more than three, you don’t have any priorities – everything’s a priority then! Three, stick to the three. Alright, get those done and then continue with me on the next video to find out your fourth and final step. 

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