Focused for Success – Step 4

Congratulations! You made it to the fourth and final step of our four-step process so that you stay focused and can achieve success. As I mentioned in the first video, this started based on a conversation with a CEO as we were preparing for his leadership retreat. But this is applicable for you in every capacity, you don’t have to be a formal leader. You could be a leader with your family, this could be professional or personal, or just for you as an individual in either one of those spaces. This four-step process works – it allows you to stay focused so you can achieve success.  

So I know by now that if you’re still watching, that means you’ve completed the first three videos: you’ve written out your mission statement, you know your intentions, and you have determined your priorities. So you are ready for the final step!

Step number four is to write out your tasks.

I know this word sounds so executional, but that’s where you’re at. You’re there now, we’re in the implementation mode. As I mentioned on the last video, one of my priorities is to speak at conferences. With that priority, there are a lot of tasks associated with that. I take those tasks and I build them into my calendar every single week, down to the day. There’s one to three tasks in my calendar for each of my three priorities. That allows me to actually be implementing, to be executing so that I can get to that priority; I can achieve that intention that I’ve set and build my overall mission.  

Now, a little bonus tip. There’s lots of tasks that mysteriously end up on people’s to-do lists, or end up randomly in their calendars. Look at your tasks. If they are not directly supporting your priorities, you need to either stop doing them, say no, or you need to pass them to someone else, a.k.a. delegate.

You need to stay focused on the tasks that are supporting your priorities. And those priorities are the top three things that are going to fulfill on your intentions, driving the overall mission. It is that simple to see that. The clearer you are with the mission, intentions, and priorities, the simpler and easier it becomes to align those tasks accordingly and get rid of the things that aren’t supporting where you’re headed.  

Remember, we’re trying to stay focused so that we can achieve those results. So you’ve got the four steps whether for professional, personal, team, pr individual. It works! Put it into action. Now, comment below. What questions do you have, what challenges, comments? Is there something else that you would like to add or clarify? I would love to hear from you.

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