The Surprising Thing You Should Immediately Do When Change Happens

As I was preparing for this week’s video and talking to myself, as I always do when I’m thinking about what I want to share with you or how I want to open up the video, the words “change happens” kind of just popped in my head. And then I was like, that kind of sounds like a 1985’ish bumper sticker, yet replace the word change with something else. Which almost feels about the same word maybe right about now! And then I was thinking, do they still make bumper stickers and do people put them on their car? I don’t know.  

If I were to make a bumper sticker for you, it would say “change happens.”

First, accept that change is happening. Even while you’re sitting here listening to me; at a molecular level, out in the universe.

Now, take it a step further, expect change. Wake up in the morning and say…

“Alright world, I know change is going to happen today. Bring it on, what is it going to be?”

Because even when the change that’s happening is totally out of your control, you still get to decide how you are going to think about that change – how you’re going to act on it, how you are going to feel. You have control of all of those things within you.  

Change happens!

And here’s the deal – you’re going through a lot of change, I know it. And I want to give you some grace. In fact, I want you to give yourself some grace and say, it’s okay to have a little bit of a pity party.

It’s okay to say, “This change sucks. I’m anxious, I’m angry, I’m frustrated.”

Whatever words and feelings you choose to use. I’m offering for you to give yourself that grace. But here’s the deal: don’t live there. Don’t live in that pity party. Give yourself an expiration date on it. Whether that’s twenty-four hours or three days, something pretty short; don’t give yourself an expiration date like milk that’s going to take weeks, right? Give yourself an expiration date, don’t live there.  

Because the longer you live there, the harder it is to get out; the harder it is to have that positive energy to move forward. And for some people, potentially never getting out of there, always living in that state. So feel it, let it out, cry, yell, whatever you need to do for this very brief moment in time – but don’t live there.  

Stay tuned – the next three videos I’m giving tips on how to get out of your funk. So once you’ve had your pity party and realized, “Great, I’m not going to live there,” and you’re ready to move forward, these are the tips you can use. So stay tuned!

Comment below if you have a question for me, show me how you’re not living in the space you are. What are you already doing out there to deal with this change that’s happening?

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