Don’t Let Your Funk Get a Hold of You! [2 of 3]

Welcome to video #2 with tips on how to get out of your funk!

Now, in the last video I shared with you how I was in a really dark place on my 40th birthday. And it was because of external circumstances, things that were completely out of my control. But, what was in my control was that funky feeling. I was making choices on how I was responding to the things out of my control.

If you are in a funk right now because of things that are outside of your control, it’s important for you to understand these tips. These are the things that you can do right now to take control and change how you’re feeling and respond to these external, uncontrollable circumstances.  

Now, in the last video I gave you the first two tips. If you haven’t done those two, I’m ordering you to go back, do those now, and come back to me when you’re ready! Assuming you’re ready, let’s talk about the next two.


You might feel like that’s a really fluffy and airy word and people talk about gratitude all the time. I get it. But you can be grateful.

Yes, in the epicenter of chaos, in the epicenter of total funkiness, there are things you are grateful for.

Even if it’s that you’re grateful you woke up this morning and you’re still alive. That is something to be grateful for.  

You should build this into your daily routine, at least during this time of funky feeling, right? So it could be something that you think about first thing in the morning when you wake up, what are you grateful for today?

My preference is to do it right before going to sleep; the last thing that I’m thinking of is, what am I grateful for today? Because even in my worst of days, there is absolutely one thing that I can find – even if it feels like the most minute thing in the world, it’s that one thing that I know I’m grateful for. There’s a benefit to this. It’s like book-ending, wrapping up your day on a positive note, and then now that’s in your subconscious when you sleep. So it’s going to continue to help build more of that positive energy to help you get out of that funk.

Speaking of sleep…


I swear, sleep is the cure-all for nearly everything, right? Your body needs sleep.

When I was in my worst of times, I didn’t feel like I was burning a lot of energy. I wouldn’t have ever thought about needing sleep because I was spending a lot of my time not being around other people, right? Totally withdrawing, just wanting to sit on the couch and veg and watch crap TV all day long.

But as much as I didn’t realize, hey, I’m not burning energy, I actually was sucking the energy – like the full-on life – out of my body, as I was just sitting there as a zombie.

Sleep helps rejuvenate your cells at a molecular level. Your body needs sleep. And when you are fully rested, you’re going to wake up feeling much more energized.  So even though it feels like you don’t need sleep, you do.

And it doesn’t mean you need to find hours more. Ideally you’re getting to the 7-8 hour mark. But even if you can just add fifteen more minutes onto your current sleep cycle, bravo! Do it!

At night before you go to bed, ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?”
Get 7+ hours of sleep.

In the comments below, share what are you grateful for today. I want to hear about it during this time of chaos.

All right, stay tuned. Next week I’m going to give you the final two tips on how to get out of your funk.

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