Don’t Let Your Funk Get a Hold of You! [3 of 3]

Welcome to the final video with tips on how to get out of your funk!

Now, as I mentioned, I realized that when you or I get into this state of near depression, of feeling this funkiness, it’s usually because of external circumstances; things around us that are out of our control, things that we did not choose.

But what you do get to choose is how you respond to it.

And that is so important, because that’s why I’m giving you these tips. These tips are things that you can do starting right now to help you control as much as possible, with the uncontrollable around you. These are things that you can do to control how funky or amazing you feel, starting right now.  

Now I’m going to trust you. I’m going to trust that you watched the first two videos, that you’ve done the first four tips, and that you’re now ready for the final two. All right, let’s go for it!


I know you might be sitting there going, “But Colleen, exercise. I hate it! It’s going to lead to me being thoroughly in a funk!”

And I’m calling B.S. on that. Absolutely not!

Now look, I realize I love exercise, but exercise kicks in endorphins, I know you’ve heard that. Endorphins lead to happiness. And there are multitudes of types of exercise. You cannot tell me that you’ve tried every single type of exercise and you’ve hated them all. It simply means that you haven’t tried enough. You’ve got to find what you can do that will help you stick into that routine.  

Now, if the weather’s nice outside, just go outside for a walk. Just get your blood flowing, your muscles moving. Right? That could be your exercise for that day.

If you’re in a confined space, limited time, just stand up and do some stretching. Just something to get your body moving, to kick in some of those endorphins.

Now, ideally you’re doing something that’s a little bit more robust, that’s really pushing you, getting your heart rate going. But look, even if today you just go for that walk, that exercise is absolutely going to help you get out of your funk.  


When you are at your lowest state, go help somebody else.

When you are helping other people, it’s going to in turn make you feel better.

There are so many ways to do this. Simply, you could send a text thanking somebody for something they did even a year ago. You could send a thank you card or a nice little note. It doesn’t have to be extreme. Of course, it can be. You could be helping out an elderly neighbor who needs something, right? Or a family member who may need assistance.

But a random act of kindness, something that is not expected, it is in turn going to make you feel potentially better than even the person who’s on the receiving end of your kindness.  

Ideally you’re practicing this every day, something small, but at minimum every week put out some sort of random act of kindness. It’s going to help you get out of your funk.

Start moving!
Practice random acts of kindness.

All right, comment below. I want to know what exercise and random act of kindness you’re going to commit to right now. One of each! I want to hear from you.

I hope that these tips have helped you get out of your funk. Stay focused on moving forward, the things that you can control, and you will get there. 

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