You Don’t Need Anymore Information!

I’m inviting you to think about a time, and it might be right now, it may be happening to you in real-time, but a time where you were faced with something totally new. Whether it was a new challenge or a new territory situation, just something new in front of you and you weren’t quite sure how to navigate it.

You probably did what most of us do, which is to go online and do some research. And wow, aren’t we lucky we live in this age of information; there is no shortage of information available to us, in milliseconds, at our fingertips.  

And so you gathered all of this information, you read it and chose what maybe sounded good for you. You tested some things, and maybe it didn’t all quite work out how you thought. So you went back and did some more research and read some more information, and tested again. And you’re still maybe at that place of, something feels like it’s missing. Well I need to tell you…

I have a very, very strong suspicion that you already have all of the information that you need. You have probably done more research than you ever needed to do in the first place, like information overload.  

Stop! You’ve got it all there. What you need now is not the interaction between you and a computer, you and the online world. You need interaction with a human being!

Who is that person who can be there to have a dialogue, for you to share the information you’ve researched, how you’ve tried it out, what the scenarios, the results have been? Who’s that person who is that sounding board for you, that you can have an actual two-way interaction with?  

And that’s where oftentimes the answers lie. That is the level beyond that one-way exchange of doing research.

So today, stop doing the research. You’ve got the information you need. Who is the person that you can now have an actual live interaction with? Is it a spouse, a friend, a sibling, a parent, a co-worker, a formal mentor? Whoever that is for you, for whatever situation you’re in, go out away from the one-way exchange, and get in a two-way dialogue with an actual human being. It’s going to get you to the result so much quicker.

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