Be the Person Everyone Wants to Work With

I have worked for and with some unbelievably amazing people. You might know the type, they’re the people that you enjoy being around and you believe so much in what they’re doing, that you will do nearly anything to support their mission, their vision, their goals.

And in my professional capacity, I’m always thinking about how I could become like that person? How do I become the person that other people really want to work with?

And so if you’re like me, you’re interested in that, I thought I’d share with you how my brain started to wrap its head around how to get there.  

So I think about it in business sense; that when I first start working with someone, I have my sales hat on. We’ve all experienced really good salespeople, whether it’s at a department store, at a car lot, or in your professional interactions. A really good salesperson has genuine interest in you. They ask really good questions to understand who you are, what your challenges are, and how potentially in the future they could help support you. They’re asking those good questions, and it’s from an authentic place. It’s not with any underlying mission – it truly is that they want to get to know you.

Once you’ve got that information, once you’ve made that connection, your sales hat then transitions to customer service.  I know you can think about all of the times you’ve had really good customer service, and even more so, you can probably quicker recall the really bad customer service. What did that look like? What was your experience? What was the conversation, the tone, the messages that were being exchanged? How much did you get to talk, versus the other person? And that’s the hat to put on. What were those really stellar customer service interactions like? Did they follow up with you? So are you following up with people? Are you being proactive and attentive?

So, a really simple way for you to start to become even more so the person that everybody wants to work with is having these hats on – I’m a salesperson, I need to ask questions and be curious and get to know them, and then I need to make sure I follow through with phenomenal customer service.

Sort of picturing yourself in those two roles should help get you to that next level of being a phenomenal client, colleague, co-worker, or leader. Maybe even in your personal life, too.

How do you like to be treated? What are some of your tips of those people who have been really good people that you wanted to work with? What did you notice about them? I’d love to hear from you, post in the comments below.

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