Busting the Myth of Multitasking

On the last video, I talked to you about how to use your time, both more efficiently and effectively. Today, I want to carry that through with the whole myth of multitasking. Because multitasking gets sucked into the vortex when we’re talking about how to use our time, and there really is a myth.

The myth – if you believe that you could be doing two or more things that require focus, attention, thought, creativity, and expect to yield the same output, have the same results as if you were focusing on one individually, that’s the myth.

You absolutely cannot be doing two high-focused things, tasks, working on projects at the same time. So if you’re one of those people who is living in our virtual world, on constant virtual online meetings, and you think, “Wow, great! I’m not in the office. I’ll just use this time to be on the meeting and I’ll listen, but I’ll also be checking my email, or continue working on this project.” Wrong – that’s the myth! You are not being present for either.

Your brain cannot be working on two tasks that require this energy, this focus, this creativity – it just can’t happen. Now look, I’m not against multitasking with a low output, low requirement, and a high thing. So if you want to go throw that load of laundry in right before you go onto your virtual meeting, of course. If you want to be on a phone call while you’re folding laundry, of course. But that’s different, so catch yourself.

And why I think that this is so important, why I want you to make sure that you break this myth, is because you have to be present.

If you want to show up in this virtual meeting and you want to be acknowledged, you want to be taken seriously, you want to grow in your career, you have to be present – and you can’t fully be present if you’re trying to multitask at that time. I would rather you just not show up. So you have to be present.

I would also say on your personal side, that multitasking when you are with friends or with family, you’ve got to be present. You can’t be doing, again, two things or more that are requiring your brain to be operating. Right? So being present is the main reason that I want to bust this myth of multitasking, to make sure that in this kind of remote virtual world especially, that you are showing up; that you are fully engaged, and you are showing at the highest level what your potential, your contribution is.

The only way that you can do that both professionally and personally is by being present. So ditch the multitasking, be present, and make an impact for yourself and for those that are around you.

What’s your thought on multitasking? Do you really think you can make it work? What are some of your tricks that I want to bust that myth on today? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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