Why You Need the F-Word Now

Today, I’m talking about the f-word. Now, it may not be the same f-word that you’re thinking of right now. My f-word is fun! I coined fun “the working mom’s f-word” after I hit total burnout at the end of 2013, and you are potentially very, very close to hitting burnout right now. You have been removed from the normal for months, you may still be in relative isolation, removed from your social network, maybe even extended family, from your co-workers, and you’re potentially on that verge.

And one of the best cures for it is that f-word, fun.

Look, I don’t want to downplay the real life circumstances that are happening right now. I recognize that there are people who are ill and people who are dying during this global pandemic; I certainly don’t want to make light of that. But for you, who is not in that space but you are mentally getting there, you’re hitting that wall, about to go overboard, it is really important for you to realize that there is always going to be something.

For 13 months I had burnout, and I felt more stressed then than I do in this current time – because it’s relative to our circumstances. So for you, it is so important to do the things that will mentally take care of you, so that you can stay physically healthy for yourself, for your family, your job, whatever it is.

That really boils down to, what kind of fun are you having?

Now, I realize that you may not be doing all the things that typically would bring you joy, but what are the little things? Even as busy as you might be, as chaotic as your life may feel every single hour, you have to take control and build in even those little moments where you can have some sort of fun. Something that just feels very light, feels very joyful.

And that may look different for you than what it does for me. Is it walking the dog? Is it running at the open park with your kids, or watching a movie by yourself? Is it just taking five minutes to have a cup of coffee in silence? What is that, that will bring you joy?

Today, commit to finding just a few minutes every single day to do something that will bring just a little bit more of the f-word into your life – to help you sustain, and to help you stay strong during this time. Comment below, what are you going to do for the f-word starting today?

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