When The New Year Doesn’t Start Off How You Expected!

Can you believe we are already two weeks into the new year?! How are you feeling right about now? Maybe a little bit depressed, you thought you’d wake up one morning and all the crap from last year would be put behind you, and some new, magical feeling or opportunity would present itself – and it hasn’t. Maybe you’re frustrated; you thought, “Gosh, 14 days in, I thought I would be so much farther along than I actually am toward reaching the goals that I set for the year.”

Or maybe you’re like me, feeling a little bit overwhelmed, having taken more time off during the holidays than typical and now there’s a lot more on your plate than you expected. Whatever the negative feelings are, if you are experiencing some negative emotions about being two weeks in and working toward whatever goals or vision you set for yourself – I’m giving you permission to feel those, but only for a moment.

I want you to push them aside and recognize that it’s only 14 days; it’s only two weeks out of an entire 52-week year.

Or better yet, beyond – years to go, to work on whatever dreams and goals you set for yourself. Instead of saying, “I’m not where I wanted to be already so I’m just going to ditch the whole plan and forget about it, it’s already a waste.” Do not go there. Today is a new day, tomorrow is a new day. So what, you didn’t achieve what you wanted to by now? Start fresh today.

Realign, reassess, and figure out why haven’t you achieved so far where you thought you would be. What course do you need to take, what change in your routine, what different actions do you need to move forward with? Today is a new day. It’s so funny how we attach ourselves to these big visions and big goals. And it’s fantastic, but it takes time, energy, and small steps every day. It’s not just about the big win at the end.

It’s about the win that we achieve each and every day by just choosing to take the next step forward. Fall in love with the process, the journey.

Enjoy – as painful as some days may be, live in those moments and know that as long as you are starting a new day with a new step forward, you will eventually achieve your goals that you set forth. Comment below. What action or step forward are you going to commit to today, instead of ditching your entire vision for the year only two weeks in?

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