Celebrating International Women’s Day

Are you ready to celebrate? I know I am! In just a couple of days, on March 8th, we get to celebrate International Women’s Day. In fact, it’s just one of the days in the entire month of March where we acknowledge Women’s History Month. So I thought I would offer you a few ideas of how you could really celebrate International Women’s Day this year, in 2021.

I want to begin by celebrating you. Yes, you! You have already accomplished so many amazing things in your lifetime. Let’s celebrate those – whether it’s something that you accomplished today or years ago, something big, something small, but you are worth acknowledging and celebrating. I recommend spending a little bit of time, ideally on International Women’s Day, to get in the spirit of it and spend that time reflecting on what you have accomplished.

Whether you like to journal or make lists, write it down; write it down, put it on paper, and say, “Yes, this is what I have accomplished. I want to celebrate me!”

Next, I offer for you to support a woman-owned business. There are so many woman-owned businesses, and whether that’s local to you or some business that is near and dear to you in some way. But for sure in the month of March, and even better on International Women’s Day, support those businesses. Then, finally, celebrate a woman who has made an impact in your life.

Whether that’s a mother, sister, aunt, co-worker, past boss, or friend. Whoever it is; I know there is at least one woman who has made a mark on your life, that you are grateful for. So let’s celebrate that, recognize them. Whether that’s through a post on social media or, you know, we love actually getting written notes in the mail, or a small gift; just some way to acknowledge them, thank them, and tell them specifically how they’ve made an impact in your life.

Let’s celebrate them. To help you come up with some ideas of how you can support a woman-owned business and give a gift, I am offering to you in this year 2021, a 21% discount on my best-selling book that I co-authored called “Women Who Ignite.” I’ve posted the link in the comments below, and you can go ahead and purchase a signed copy. I will happily send that to you for a discount, so that we can altogether celebrate this year International Women’s Day.

Post in the comments below as well, how are you going to celebrate this year? I can’t wait to find out!

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