Don’t Be Fooled! You’re Not An Impostor!

Well, today is April Fool’s Day! You have probably felt like a fool at some point, experiencing something called “impostor syndrome.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 82% of people have felt like an impostor at some point in time.

I’ve got to break it to you, though – the real trick that’s been played on you is if you have been believing that the way to overcome impostor syndrome is by getting a boost to your self-confidence.

You know, putting on that really powerful music, striking that power pose, or getting external feedback from other people about how awesome you are. Look, that helps temporarily; that gives you that little injection, that little boost to feel a little bit better. But it’s not what is truly going to help you overcome, for the long-term, that impostor syndrome.

That’s because impostor syndrome is actually your own internal belief that you don’t deserve to be there, that you aren’t qualified, that you’re only in this position or in this role or been awarded this opportunity based on luck, or based on a mistake somebody made; you don’t truly believe internally, in yourself, that you deserve to be there.

So while those external things and pushes will give you a little boost, a little shot of a self-confidence injection, it’s not what’s going to help you in the long-term. Instead, you have got to be aware. You must know, what does it look like to actually do a good job in this role, in this position.

Then reflecting, “Am I doing that? Am I showing up each day and giving 100% or 150% into this role? Do I actually deserve to be there?” What’s the evidence for you, yourself, that you see?

Only then, only when you can see it for yourself – that you belong there, that you deserve this – only when you have that awareness, that belief, that is the only way you will overcome that impostor syndrome.

So today, spend some time reflecting on where you’re at, what does good work look like, and are you doing it? If not, start making a change so that you aren’t living out impostor syndrome, and become that person. Know full well that you deserve to be there!

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