Embarrassment or Development?

WARNING: Must read below to understand WHY I’m sharing this week’s video!

Do you ever feel embarrassed by past work you’ve done? Maybe it’s a project you completed when you first began your career or were new to your current position. What if someone were to ask to see it – how would you feel?

Instead of looking at your past as an embarrassment, I invite you to look at it as development! Reviewing your early work is a great reminder of how far you’ve come, of the incredible progress you’ve made. Not to mention, it may provide a bit of levity during rough times. To demonstrate what I mean, I thought I’d share my first video with you.

Not necessarily for the content, though it’s still good ;-), but really because I used to view this as an embarrassment. In fact, I’ve always hoped that this video has been buried so deep in the archives, that you would never find it! But as I watch it today, I can see my growth and I’m proud of the development I’ve had over the past 5 years.

Today, I invite you to pull out an early piece of work and spend time reflecting on your development and how far you’ve come so far in your journey.

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