Celebrating International Dance Day

Well it’s the end of April already, but we kicked off April the same way we do every year – with April Fool’s Day! I’ve been talking with you each week in April about how to either not feel too foolish and avoid some of that imposter syndrome, or to actually feel foolish; have some f-word, some fun in your life. Get out there and laugh, create time, overlapping things with other people, but actually have some of that foolishness in your life and enjoy what it’s all about.

Well today, on the final Thursday of April, it is International Dance Day! What a perfect way to have some of that fun, by dancing! Dancing is 9,000 years old, at least. And even though it feels like it’s been that long since I was a competitive dancer, dancing doesn’t have to be that formal; it doesn’t have to be pre-choreographed or in a specific genre.

Dance could just be movement, as a way to celebrate something or as a way to express yourself – whether that’s frustration or joy.

But I encourage you, today, get up out of that office chair, that dining room chair, that couch, and just move! Have some dance in your life. If you’re trying to overlap some fun with other areas of your life, grab a co-worker or grab a family member and dance together.

I also wanted to share a couple of stats with you about International Dance Day, so if you want to incorporate them into your celebration, here are some fun ideas. The number one genre of dance voted by Americans is hip hop, which I can not do any hip hop, but I love; it’s my favorite to watch, I could watch it for hours.

The number one artist is Michael Jackson, so if you want to go ahead and pop on some MJ and recreate the moonwalk with him, go for it! And then finally, if you want to dance and watch a movie with dancing at the same time, number one is “Dirty Dancing,” and number two is my favorite dance movie, “Footloose.”

Enjoy International Dance Day! If you’re going to be dancing post some pictures in the comments below, share with us what your faves are, but get out there, enjoy the end of April, and let’s just incorporate some fun into our lives.

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