Let’s Stay Connected!

March 17th, 2021. I was crying; and no, it’s not because I’m nostalgic for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s because it was the first night that I was back at the gym, teaching my group exercise class. You see, almost exactly a year to the day prior to that, Monday, March 16th, 2020 was the last night that I fully taught before the pandemic hit.

And even though over that year, the gym opened, then closed, opened again, and then closed, this night, the 17th, felt like it was our first time really back. I was overwhelmed with emotion; I cried when I saw members walking into that class. I’ve always loved to exercise, even when I first started dating my husband, Matt. He knew right off the bat, the only thing is don’t mess with Colleen’s gym schedule!

It’s my stress relief, it’s my outlet. What I really discovered the last few months before going back though, is that the gym is also my connection.

I have been going to the same location for over 15 years, 13 of which I have been an instructor there. And while the benefits of exercise are fantastic, it’s really about the bond, the friendships, every single person that comes consistently that I get to see – not just week after week, but several times a day. They’re the connection that I had, that I was missing; for me, that’s where I was personally missing connection. And it really hit me in an overwhelming way that day.

Now, if you are still missing some of that connection, or you are a leader, leading teams that are hybrid or still remote, take this message of connection and really attach or connect to it.

I want you to walk away with knowing for yourself and for those around you, the importance of connection.

Finding ways on a daily – yes, daily – basis to connect. So for personal reasons, friendships; make sure that you have connections, whether that is at home with a spouse or children, or a phone call with an extended family member or a friend. If you’re a leader, you should be having daily connections with every single person on your team. That could be informal with an email, or a quick phone call, or weekly that’s very intentional, that’s planned.

Connection is one of the key ways as human beings for us to survive and really thrive in our professional and personal life. So today, take this message of connection for yourself and share it with others. It is so important to our mental, physical, emotional health to continue moving forward. Share this today, share with me in the comments below how you are making connections, personally and professionally.

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