“This is going to be the year!”

It turned out to be the year all right, but not the way I originally expected.

I entered 2013 in my corporate career with a newly earned promotion as Executive Director of Business Development. I was thrilled and looking forward to an amazing year!

But because I was handling nearly two books of business, I was sleeping only 4 hours every night. My husband and I became roommates during the week, my children stopped laughing when I walked through the door and my personal health suffered as I became sleep deprived and overly stressed. I was all in at my job, but everything else in my life was getting my leftovers.

Thirteen months into my promotion I completely burned out! I thought the only way to survive was to choose one or the other – my career or my personal life. But I would not quit either! I figured out how to have, what I now call, the ‘and’ life.


As I began speaking, training, and consulting I realized that living in the ‘and’ also applied to leadership. There are leaders that still believe you have to choose one or the other – people or results. But it’s not true!

become the leader who chooses people ‘and’ results!

Today I work with organizations, leaders and individuals to lead and live in the ‘and’ by:

*Keeping top people from leaving their positions due to the challenges of balancing career and personal life.

*Making sure good individual contributors don’t turn into bad leaders who cause good employees to leave.

Or as I like to say…



The fun…

I was born, raised and have never lived anywhere other than Southern California.

I’m an only child.

I’m a certified Les Mills BodyCombat instructor.

I sung karaoke with Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell.

I’m afraid of clowns.

the serious…

I spent 15 years in the corporate landscape, specializing in training and leading sales teams in a fast-paced, quota driven environment.  I excelled at aligning business challenges with smart solutions and inspiring others across the organization to impact cultural change.

My leadership and personal development skills were honed during my tenure in the private sector, where I experienced first-hand the negative effects of poor leadership and lack of self-care. I transformed the workplace culture from toxic to thriving and, after suffering my own breaking point, I altered my circumstances and developed successful methods for a healthy, holistic life.

I am now a workplace expert, speaker, trainer, executive coach, and co-author of two books – the bestseller, Women Who Ignite and Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh!t Before.  I’ve appeared in Forbes and I’ve delivered my keynotes and trainings to Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as Dell, Pfizer, Panasonic, Merck, New York Life, and US Foods.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from California State University, Fullerton and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California Polytechnic University, Pomona. You can also find me motivating members as a certified Les Mills BodyCombat instructor.

Married to my supportive husband, Matt, we live in Southern California where we were both born and raised. We enjoy camping with our beautiful children, Jordan, Ethan, and Reese and spending quality time with our nearby extended family.

Audiences and clients describe me as inspirational, passionate, dynamic and relatable as I empower them to expand their mind beyond the expected so that they may lead and live for the ‘and’.