Revenge Travel

It's quite possibly the summer of "revenge travel" for countless employees across the globe. Even though travel prices have risen sharply, 85% of Americans are expecting to travel this summer, according to the U.S. Travel Association. What does this mean for you, as a leader? While we may not support the notion of "revenge travel," we do advocate for vacation. In this video, let's review how you can support and encourage your team members to take time off as a way to circumvent or reduce burnout.

Your Onboarding Process Isn’t Enough

With the great reshuffle of employees, many of our clients are experiencing an influx of new team members and direct reports. While your organization may have a solid onboarding process, today, it's not enough to truly meet the needs of these talented individuals. Be sure to watch this week's video where I break down the three must-have questions to include when onboarding an employee. It will immediately set you apart as, what we call, a 5-Star Leader!

The One Thing to Keep Employees Engaged

Bigger salary, bonuses, fun perks - these are not the most effective ways to engage and retain your employees! Then what IS the best way? Here I share the one thing that you must do, the foundational aspect of being a top leader that will drive employee engagement for the long term.

3 Mistakes Leaders Make When It Comes to Team Burnout

Leaders are responsible for attracting AND retaining talent. So what can you do when one of the leading causes of employees leaving their job is #burnout? In this video, I share the three mistakes leaders are making when it comes to mitigating team burnout. Are you possibly making these same mistakes?

When You Tend to Overcommit

A recent survey showed that 80% of people take on more than they can or should handle. Does that sound like you? Find out how to break free from sentencing yourself to over-commitment!

What’s the Risk of Busy Work?

We each have aspects of our jobs that consist of busy work - work that is duplicative or meaningless - but when is it considered to be a true problem? CNBC reported on the amount of time employees believe they spend on busy work and how much of that is considered a complete waste. In this video, I address the consequences of busy work and how it can impact you and your team.

There’s No Time For Fun!

Are you so busy that you believe there's no time for fun? You're barely squeezing in the basic necessities to keep yourself, and maybe a family, alive that you can't possibly imagine how you could find even a moment for any fun! If this is you or someone you know, I invite you to check out this week's video for a creative idea on how you can actually have the time for fun!

Leadership Readiness

How ready does one need to be for a leadership promotion? How much does a person need to demonstrate that they're ready to lead others? Are organizations truly promoting based on leadership readiness, or other criteria? Find out how organizations should be thinking about their top talent and leadership pipeline.

Hiring & Retaining Women in the Workforce

We lost millions of people in the workforce due to the global pandemic. While men have recovered all of their workforce, women have not. This loss continues to impact bottom lines for both organizations and the individual woman, not to mention it's stalling economic growth. What are you doing to hire and retain women in the workforce? WARNING: The answer we should be considering may not be what you think.

Women Continue to Rise

Women continue to rise! The share of women hired in leadership positions grew by nearly 10% from 2015 to 2021. While this is good news, the advancement of women in leadership has been painfully slow. The question we should be asking is not, how do we sustain progress, but rather, how do we accelerate progress? What action are you committed to taking in order to accelerate the advancement of women in leadership?