11 Signs Of Professional Burnout And Ways To Overcome It
While there may be comfort in knowing that you are not alone, when tasks and issues you used to be able to handle with ease start to feel burdensome and overwhelming, the stress you suffer can become chronic. No one is exempt from potentially burning out in any role, whether that’s at work or at home.

Balancing Criticism And Praise: 13 Tips For Company Leaders
Business leaders have a responsibility to deliver both constructive criticism and encouragement to their employees. Skewing too much to one side of this equation can leave employees confused by their leader’s overly positive or negative focus and unable to improve their performance in meaningful ways.

15 Ways Leaders Can Be More Mindful Of Their Communication Styles
It’s commonly accepted that a happy team works more efficiently. One of the most vital components of ensuring that a unit remains happy is open discourse among members—and that includes its manager. Encouraging open communication between team members is a plus, but leaders should also be more self-aware about their own communication style as well.

7 Ways to Stay Productive and Relevant in a Hybrid Work Environment
You might be part of the 74% of U.S. workers who are now working in a hybrid model. How do you stay productive when working between two spaces? How do you stay relevant and visible to stay top of mind for advancement opportunities? Here are seven ways to accomplish these.

Featured in Formidable Woman Magazine
I talk about the importance of opening up in the workplace, cultural change, high performance, and entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy!

11 Crucial Tips for Workaholics
Ever think that energy invested outside your work could actually increase your energy inside your work? Find out more in my contribution to this Forbes article.

Toxic Company Culture: 11 Signs To Watch Out For
Your team seems unmotivated. People are showing up late, leaving early and pushing off deadlines. Nobody’s talking about their issues to leadership, and yet employees are quitting left and right.

Personal Development: 10 Activities You Actually Have Time To Do
When you’re leading a company, it can be difficult to find the time to get to everything on your to-do list. Even more challenging is carving out time for your own personal development.

I Can’t Believe You Didn’t Leave Me: How a Working Mom Learned to Show Up
Throughout the day, not one person has a clue that I’ve slept only a few hours: not my boss, my coworkers, my direct reports, and certainly not my clients. I walk the halls with an effervescent smile, greet everyone with high energy, deliver a killer presentation, and even offer to travel an extra day for another client meeting.

Leadership in a Virtual World
Lindsay Boccardo and I chatted about how to connect, demonstrate competency, and captivate viewers…even when we are hundreds of miles apart.

How To Live The “And” Life
Listen as I share 1) how picture perfect lives aren’t usually picture perfect; 2) the costs of prioritizing my work over everything else; 3) the impact of my family having to walk on eggshells around me; 4) how to define your own version of “having it all”; 5) how I intentionally integrate my personal and professional life.

The Secrets to Sustaining Business Success
Success, Business, and Sustainability can be daunting words for today’s business owners and in our ever-changing climate, some may think that one of those topics may be left out.  One thing they have in common is that they are all attainable by retaining your top talent.  In today’s episode, Coleen Hauk gives us some insight as to why companies are finding it hard to keep top talent and she gives us a few tips on how to turn it all around.

Maintaining a Successful Career AND an Incredible Personal Life
Most of us probably don’t believe the idea that “you can have it all.” We assume that having a powerful career means your family life suffers, or that spending time with your family means you won’t advance in your career. Colleen Hauk is living proof that you really CAN have it all. She explains the three steps we all need to follow to truly have it all.

How to “Have It All” Without Losing it All
In this episode, Colleen Hauk and I define what “having it all” means. Choice over Blame Being intentional and consistent in defining “What makes me happy?” Defining “What does having it all mean to me?”  After these three steps, Colleen empowers you to then take action on having more health, wealth, and happiness in all areas of your life. Colleen believes you can have it all without losing it all.

Living the ‘and life’ – Can We Have It All?
As entrepreneurs, do you ever feel like your business life and your personal life are constantly in competition with one another? Have you struggled with trying to balance the two, or with finding an appropriate counter-balance? In this episode, find out how to live the “and life”, what it means, and what Colleen did to turn her relationships and her career completely around.

Live the ‘and’ Life – Have It All
Listen as I share 1) stop being delusional about work-life balance; 2) your power of choice; 3) how balance is unique to each individual; 4) that happiness comes before success; 5) focus and consistency are keys to success.

4 Steps to Map Out Your Business Strategy

Slightly overwhelmed with even starting to think about your business goals for 2022? Listen as I talk about creating a clear vision for your business and how to manage your time throughout the process to prevent burnout.