The 5-Star Society is a membership program focused on connecting and building a community of executive women who are committed to both their professional and personal performance and success.

By using Colleen’s signature YOU SO NEW process and co-mentoring community, members engage in ongoing monthly meetings that combine training and coaching.  They also have access to small roundtable member discussions, networking events, and 24-7 support to connect with thought leaders, build peer relationships, and continue to hone the skills needed to succeed on their journey.


To be an effective leader, you need to learn how to communicate clearly. In this course, leadership expert Colleen Hauk, shows you how to become a precise and powerful communicator. Colleen first explains how to set yourself up for success by knowing the basics and exploring emotional intelligence. She then provides guidance on creating a connection and tapping into the senses of your audience. She also shows how to engage in dialogue, remain curious, and align your communication to specific goals. Finally, Colleen shares tips on effective communication in different circumstances, from one-on-one meetings, to group discussions, and virtual meetings. Upon completing this course, you’ll feel confident in your ability to communicate effectively as a leader.


Whether you’re looking to improve your overall performance, overcome obstacles or barriers, grow and develop your leadership skills, or amplify your professional trajectory, executive coaching could be for you. This is a space to meet one-on-one in a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment. I will help you assess your current competencies, see how you’re perceived by others, clarify goals, and focus on the appropriate action steps.


Finally gain the clarity you’ve been searching for, whether it’s for advancement in your current career or transitioning to a new one.  We’ll consciously identify life purpose cues and assemble them into an overall picture. We’ll walk through specific ‘destiny experiences’ and uncover common themes throughout your lifetime.  I’ll show you how to eliminate distractions, overcome barriers and uncover true happiness.  You’ll receive the insight, feedback and accountability needed to claim your career.

‘you so new’ foundation

Looking for the foundation to create change in your life? This personalized coaching program will define what ‘having it all’ means to you. We’ll then work together to create well-defined goals and a specific action plan. Plus I’ll show you how to take charge of your schedule to finally get things accomplished. You’ll receive the insight, feedback and accountability needed to build the foundation for change.

‘you so new’ ADVANCED

Let’s face it, you’re awesome in so many ways but you’re ready to advance to that next level in life. This personalized coaching program gives you everything in the ‘Foundation’ plan PLUS we’ll start creating that work-life balance. I’ll also give you the proven strategies needed to begin creating happiness and activating energy. You’ll receive the insight, feedback and accountability needed to advance your life.

‘you so new’ MASTERY

This is a special package reserved only for elite performers who are serious about taking their career and personal life to the mastery level. This personalized coaching program gives you everything in the ‘Foundation’ AND ‘Advanced’ plans but at a profound level. We’ll spend greater time together, diving deeper into the strategies and precisely identifying how these apply and impact your holistic, future life. PLUS I’ll show you how to eliminate distractions, overcome barriers and defeat self-sabotage. You’ll receive comprehensive insight, intensive feedback and demanding accountability needed to catapult you to mastery.