Advancing Women in Leadership and How Organizations are Getting It Wrong | Part 1

I was devastated to learn that working from home would no longer be offered as an ongoing benefit when I was in my corporate leadership position. It was with this policy change so many years ago that I discovered the first mistake organizations continue making when it comes to advancing women in leadership. While organizations claim that advancing women in leadership is a priority, in this week's video I share the first thing they're getting wrong.

Who Should Make the Decisions?

Amazon recently reported that, with their return-to-office plans, there will not be one single policy, but rather the decisions will be empowered at the team levels. Our organization is aligned because what we know to be true is that most organizational experiences, including culture, live at the team level. Is this level of decision-making taking place at your company? If not, watch this week's video to find out how you can trigger this change.

Empowerment Through Choices

I finally outsmarted my mom when I was about 9 years old. It was after a swim lesson, and she was allowing me to choose whether or not I went back the next day. As an adult, choices provide empowerment. If you're curious to find out more, check out this week's video.