Advancing Women in Leadership and How Organizations are Getting It Wrong | Part 1

I was devastated to learn that working from home would no longer be offered as an ongoing benefit when I was in my corporate leadership position. It was with this policy change so many years ago that I discovered the first mistake organizations continue making when it comes to advancing women in leadership. While organizations claim that advancing women in leadership is a priority, in this week's video I share the first thing they're getting wrong.

Who Should Make the Decisions?

Amazon recently reported that, with their return-to-office plans, there will not be one single policy, but rather the decisions will be empowered at the team levels. Our organization is aligned because what we know to be true is that most organizational experiences, including culture, live at the team level. Is this level of decision-making taking place at your company? If not, watch this week's video to find out how you can trigger this change.

Empowerment Through Choices

I finally outsmarted my mom when I was about 9 years old. It was after a swim lesson, and she was allowing me to choose whether or not I went back the next day. As an adult, choices provide empowerment. If you're curious to find out more, check out this week's video.

Why Are We Still Burned Out?

CNBC recently titled an article, "Companies prioritized mental health during Covid, so why are we still so burned out?" Is it realistic to believe that the manner in which they prioritized and for the window of time that they did would be enough to cure burnout? Employees and leaders continue to face uncertainty and challenges so it's going to require a more concerted effort and greater length of time in order to overcome the burnout that many have faced. In this week's video, find out how leaders can begin changing the culture through their own, personal efforts.

Leaders Have a Hand in Burnout

I recently shared that organizations have a hand in burnout and when those organizations take well-being seriously, their organizational performance is 2.5 times greater compared to those who don't. Leaders also have a hand in burnout. Because of the high degree of interaction they have with their direct reports, they absolutely impact employee engagement and retention, and much of it comes down to supporting their well-being. Here I share the most direct and effective action leaders can take to demonstrate that they care about employee well-being, to improve overall performance.

Organizations Have a Hand in Burnout

Not taking burnout seriously is one of the top three mistakes organizations are making today. Yet when they do take it seriously, their organizational performance is 2.5 times greater compared to those who don't. Here I share the most direct and effective action organizations can take to demonstrate that they care about employee well-being, to improve overall performance.

2020 Was a Pivotal Year for Women

Just released last week, LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index shows that 74% of women say they are very or somewhat stressed for work-related reasons, compared with just 61% of employed male respondents. While also this year, McKinsey reported that 1 in 4 women are now considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce altogether, something they would’ve never considered the year prior. What are organizations doing wrong when it comes to advancing women, particularly when it comes to women in leadership? Find out here as I'm interviewed by Amanda Laden, Founder of the VinoKarma Project.

3 Things That Are Holding You Back

Feeling stuck in your role? Find out the three things that I've discovered after working with hundreds of professionals that are most likely holding you back!

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Quit

Women left the workforce at higher rates than men in 2020 and many more are considering doing so in the near future - something they would've never considered the year prior. I know first-hand what this feels like as I experienced my own #burnout at the end of 2013, where I initially believed my only option was to quit my job if I were to save my family and my health. If you're like me and many of the other working women, I encourage you to pause and reflect on these three questions before making a decision to quit!

Creating Confidence in Your Communication

When I work with organizations and executives on beating burnout, one of the key strategies I share is to begin with communication. But I’ve found that for many, they lack the confidence to initiate the communication and/or how they communicate lacks confidence. In this week’s video, I share what you must have in order to be confident in your communication.