Don’t Let Guilt Take Over

Guilt is tough and can easily push aside your power, leaving you paralyzed. Whether you're a working parent feeling guilt about the time you spend with work versus family or you simply feel guilty anytime you try to do something for yourself - this video is for you!

You Are Not Alone

While this week is a replay of a past video, I find the message even more timely now. Belief that you're the only one experiencing feelings of loneliness, isolation, frustration, and burnout are completely common over these past 8 months! But find out why I know you're not alone in these feelings.

I’m So Overwhelmed! How Can I Get To The Next Level?

What happens when you're working toward your next level and you get overwhelmed? Whether that's at work or as a personal goal, but you feel like quitting when you think about all the things that you must do to achieve that goal. Check out this video to find out how to overcome this challenge.