Advancing Women in Leadership and How Organizations are Getting It Wrong | Part 1

I was devastated to learn that working from home would no longer be offered as an ongoing benefit when I was in my corporate leadership position. It was with this policy change so many years ago that I discovered the first mistake organizations continue making when it comes to advancing women in leadership. While organizations claim that advancing women in leadership is a priority, in this week's video I share the first thing they're getting wrong.

Check the Negativity

As much as you may want to be in a state of gratitude and joy as the holidays are upon us, the reality is that we're currently surrounded by an extreme amount of negativity. I have a process that I shared a few years ago that will help you to check this negativity so YOU don't become negative yourself!

Who Should Make the Decisions?

Amazon recently reported that, with their return-to-office plans, there will not be one single policy, but rather the decisions will be empowered at the team levels. Our organization is aligned because what we know to be true is that most organizational experiences, including culture, live at the team level. Is this level of decision-making taking place at your company? If not, watch this week's video to find out how you can trigger this change.

Empowerment Through Choices

I finally outsmarted my mom when I was about 9 years old. It was after a swim lesson, and she was allowing me to choose whether or not I went back the next day. As an adult, choices provide empowerment. If you're curious to find out more, check out this week's video.

Struggle to Meet Deadlines?

Why do most adults struggle to meet deadlines? Or maybe you meet them, but at times you find yourself scrambling at the last minute or pulling all-nighters to hit that target date. The reason isn't as guilt-ridden as you may believe. In fact, psychologists have a term for it, and no, it's not "procrastination." And once you understand this phenomenon, you can modify your strategy in order to produce better outcomes without hustling up against the clock. Be sure to watch this week's video to find out more!

Why Are We Still Burned Out?

CNBC recently titled an article, "Companies prioritized mental health during Covid, so why are we still so burned out?" Is it realistic to believe that the manner in which they prioritized and for the window of time that they did would be enough to cure burnout? Employees and leaders continue to face uncertainty and challenges so it's going to require a more concerted effort and greater length of time in order to overcome the burnout that many have faced. In this week's video, find out how leaders can begin changing the culture through their own, personal efforts.

First Step to Mitigate Burnout

In last week's video I shared the signs that indicate you're on the verge of burnout. So what happens if they're happening to you? What next? Since burnout occurs when workplace stress is not properly managed, your first step will take place at work. Find out exactly what that is in this week's video!

How To Know If You’re Burning Out

I believed that what I was experiencing were signs of approaching burnout, but it turns out that I was already over the edge and what I was experiencing were SYMPTOMS of burnout that consumed me mentally and physically. If you're wondering what burnout's early signs look like before you've crossed over, be sure to watch this week's video.

Trapped at a Dead-End

I'm frequently asked, "Colleen, what can I do if I'm feeling burned out or stuck yet I can't leave my job?" I wondered the same thing immediately after I crashed that December evening in my office! For the several months of post-burnout recovery, I felt like I couldn't leave my position. Our family built a life primarily based upon my income, so unless we were willing to completely change that, I would need to figure out how to take control of my current situation. If you're feeling stuck, in this week's video I provide you with one practice to implement that will get you unstuck.

You Have a Hand in Burnout

Though it's been several years since I first-hand experienced burnout, I will never forget the pivotal moment, or the feeling of drowning every day for months, or the fear I felt that at any moment Matt, my husband, would pack up our kids and leave me.  I know what you may be feeling right now as we've seen burnout escalate recently for many. Over the past couple of weeks I shared that organizations and leaders have a hand in burnout along with one tip that could support you. This week, I have one effective tip for YOU to get a handle on your work and life before you hit burnout. Be sure to watch this video so you can take control of your life today!