What is Performance Bias and How Do You Spot It?

Whether it's intentional or unconscious, #bias is holding women back in the workplace - hiring, promotions, and in their everyday experiences. One of the common types of bias is Performance Bias, where assumptions are made about women's and men's abilities. If you're interested in learning more about and how to spot Performance Bias, take a few minutes to watch this week's video. How will you #BreakTheBias?

Break The Bias for Women in the Workplace

I was shocked when I read that 73% of women experience bias at work - yet less than a third of employees are able to recognize bias when they see it. Admittedly, I’m one of the third who has most likely missed the signs of bias either toward myself or toward others. I’d like to be a part of creating change! Join me on International Women’s Day to #BreakTheBias against women in the workplace. I’ll be facilitating an open discussion to empower women and others to identify and challenge bias head on!

Advancing Women in Leadership

We all know the data - that when women stay in the workforce and advance into leadership positions, it affects the organization's bottom line in a positive way. And although there’s been progress advancing women in leadership, it’s been painfully slow. So as we look to the future, the question organizations should be asking themselves is not how do we get back on track, but rather how do we accelerate and sustain progress?

Finding Time for Self-Care

If you want to be there for your job, for your loved ones, for anyone - you must take care of yourself! But it's challenging to find the time for self-care. And if you think it's impossible to do, then you'll definitely want to watch this video!

How to be Better When You Don’t Know What’s Missing

Several years into my career as a leader I was aware of the strengths I possessed, while simultaneously I knew I could be better. But I wasn't exactly sure what was missing. Watch this video to find out how you can become better at anything, even when you don't know what's missing.

Helpfulness Can Hurt Your Job

Are you the go-to resource at your company? Is your calendar monopolized by meetings where others asked for your collaboration? Whether you're the one with all of the knowledge or you truly find joy in helping others, there's a time when your helpfulness can hurt your job. Find out more in this week's video.

Don’t Participate in Quitter’s Day!

While I'm not a big supporter of New Year's resolutions, I never want to be called a quitter! How about you? Watch this video to find out about "Quitter's Day" and how you can rebel against it!

Before Quitting Your Job

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that a record number of Americans voluntarily left their jobs in November. The data shows that people are taking other jobs, not leaving the workforce. Even if you aren't one of the current statistics, are you considering quitting your job? Whether it's to move to another organization or to leave corporate altogether. If so, I have an important question for you to ask. Find out in this video what you need to know before quitting your job.

Advancing Women in Leadership and How Organizations are Getting It Wrong | Part 3

Several amazing women served as role models as I was a young, emerging leader. Though I'm grateful that a few also served as mentors, it wasn't enough to accelerate my development or growth. This leads to the third mistake that organizations are making when it comes to advancing women in leadership.